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I bring to you a variety of topics. The TIME TO TEACH research-based, results driven, tested and proven methods (Districts and Schools K – 12);  Dance, Sing and Play the Winkie Way – Music, Drama and movement (Pre-K through 3rd grade);  Building Communication with the Youth of Today (Parents and Guardians); and  Empowerment From Within (Prevention Based Non-Profit Organizations).

Our Keynote sessions will include interactive entertainment that is sure to keep you from dozing off  :).  You will receive enlightening information, teaching tools and strategies, as well as fun dance, music and song.  You will be given hand-outs with the information learned, so that you may add it to your existing methods and work it into your own unique style.

Prepare For Class with Winkie Ballas Jamail Keynote Titles are as follows:

  • TIME TO TEACH Classroom Management (K – 12)
  • TIME TO TEACH Differentiated Instruction (K – 12)
  • DANCE, SING and PLAY the Winkie Way (Pre K – Third Grade)

Keynotes by Winkie Ballas Jamail
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Prepare For Class