Dance, Sing, Play the Winkie Way!

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Dance, Sing and Play the Winkie Way!
Pre-School through Third Grade

One and a half hour sessions can go longer or shorter according to your preference.
We do not need hours and hours of training, we do not need perfect pitch,  we do not need a left foot and a right foot and we do not need perfect physiques to impart the arts with our little people!  All we need is the inner freedom to do it!

Many of us feel inadequate to teach the arts either because we grew up hearing, “Ooohhh please don’t sing” or “You have two left feet” or “I sure am glad you are working on a  profession outside of the arts.”.  Well, I am here to hit the delete button from your negative belief system.

You will leave my session having performed all of the following, with the confidence needed to share it with others, in a fun and free way

I.     Playful Basics For Teaching Songs
II.    Playful Movements for Teaching Dance
III.   Playful Theory for Teaching Music
IV.   Playful Basics for Teaching Acting

I am looking very forward to filling your heart with the freedom to Dance, Sing and Play the Winkie Way!



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